Maple Trees

It feels like time to begin. Again.

It’s been so long, friends.

And the country has gone mad.

But there are far smarter people with which to discuss that.

So for today, may I make a suggestion?

Find a maple tree, one whose leaves are changing at the top.

Walk right up to the trunk so you’re deeply under the canopy.

Look up.

And take a deep breath.

Then do it again.

Because life has gotten to be a place where you need to remember that we have seen insanity before.

And the trees are still there.

And so are we.


5 responses to “Maple Trees

  1. Lou! Hello! I lived part time in Chicago for a year and thought of you every time I saw the El. I hope you’re doing okay.

  2. Woot! I plan on hanging out with some asters later today. I know a little place where they carpet the ground.

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